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Reiki is a Japanese holistic healing technique that enhances relaxation and helps bring energy and balance to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. Reiki classes are for anyone who wants to have increased energy, healing and clarity in their life. Wherever you are on your journey it is the perfect time to move towards more healing. 

Reiki classes are a great opportunity to learn and receive a day of relaxation, healing and well-being. In addition it is an incredible opportunity for self-transformation and growth. During the class you will have many direct experiences with Reiki energy.

A Reiki manual is included with each class. Reiki students of Attune: The Art of Reiki have access to regular Reiki shares and learning opportunities.

Currently scheduled training and events with their descriptions are listed below.

Information on Cincinnati Reiki Day is below, please scroll down. 

Reiki One, Shoden

The system of Reiki helps us to let go of our stress and worry. Then we can be more compassionate, grounded and empowered. Reiki classes are for anyone who wants to learn how to cultivate your energy, meditate, heal and have more peace in our lives.

Shoden means beginners mind. We learn to empty our mind,body and hearts so that there is room for infinite potential and energy. The student is embarking on a path of self-discovery from within. During class we discuss the history of Reiki, practice the fundamental Reiki principles, meditations, techniques, hands on healing and receive Reiju/Attunements.

We will have lots of practice giving and receiving Reiki to yourself and others. Reiki manuals and handouts are included with the class and students receive on-going support from the teacher.

Two days of healing, learning and fun! Saturday February 8th and Sunday February 9th. We will meet each day from 9:30 am -5:00 pm.  Registration closes February 3rd, 2020.

Reiki Level One Class Details:

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, February 8th-9th, 2020

Time: 9:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M. 

Place: Cincinnati, Ohio

Cost: $250 plus  $50 *non-refundable deposit to register

Students re-sitting cost: $100

Reiki Two, Okuden

Okuden means hidden or inner teachings. We uncover and strengthen our hidden inner energy. Reiki Two deepens our journey of Reiki understanding and self-development. We will focus on developing spiritual and mental focus, techniques, meditations, hands on healing, mantras, symbols, and finally Reiju and Attunements.  We will have plenty of direct experience with Reiki energy while we practice giving and receiving Reiki, chanting, meditating, and working with the precepts. Reiki manuals and handouts are included with the class and on-going support from the teacher. 

Reiki Level Two Class Details: 

 Prerequisite: Reiki Level One

Dates: March 14th- 15th, 2020

Registration closes: March 9th, 2020

Place: Hoffner Lodge, in Northside

Time: 9:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Cost: $350 plus $50 *non-refundable deposit to register

Reiki Three Class, Shinpiden

Shinpiden means mystery teachings. This level is a continuation of uncovering our inner light and healing. These teachings are an exciting part of our journey as we go deeper into remembering our infinite nature. We learn to BE Reiki in each moment. Deeper Japanese cultural and philosophical understandings are also taught. In class we will work with the five pillars of the system of Reiki; developing spiritual and mental focus, techniques and meditations, hands on healing, mantras and symbols, Reiju/ Attunements. Reiki Manuals and handouts are included with the class and students receive on-going support from the teacher. 

Three days of healing, learning and fun! Registration closes July 10th, 2020 

Reiki Level Three Class Details:

Prerequisite: Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two

Shinpiden Class: July 17th - 19th. Three days of training, each day we will meet 9:30 - 5:00.

Cost: $600 plus $100 *non-refundable deposit for a total of $700. 

Students re-sitting cost: $200

Shinpiden Classes are for Reiki practitioners of all lineages .  Attune: The Art of Reiki often teaches students from many different lineages. If your Reiki Level One and Two training are from a different lineage it may be beneficial for you to set up Personal Teaching time with Maria to support your transition to International House of Reiki and Shinpiden training. 

Cincinnati Reiki Day 

Reiki Day Theme: Reiki and Mindfulness,
Deepening Your Practice

Cincinnati Reiki Day is for Reiki Practitioners from all lineages to come together as a community. We continue to practice Reiki, learn, be inspired from each other, and share hands-on healing. In this gathering we will be focusing on the connection between Reiki and Mindfulness with presenters Maria Kammerer, Zeynep Yilmaz and Sundar Kadayam. We will be immersing ourselves in the teachings so that our direct experience can help us to deepen our practice.

The whole day is open to all levels of Reiki Training.

Maria Kammerer will be sharing from her experience at Plum Village Mindfulness Center, Thich Nhat Hanh's monastery in the south of France. We will be discovering for ourselves how the system of Mindfulness and the system of Reiki are inter-related and how to support the deepening of your Reiki practice and your daily life. We will immerse ourselves in the practices of walking meditation, noble silence, and mindful eating... Reiki Style. Mindful Hugging meditation led by Zeynep Yilmaz , and deepening our practice led by Sundar Kadayam, the day will end with a Reiki share, hands on healing.

About the presenters:

Maria is a full time Reiki practitioner and teacher based in Cincinnati. Practicing since 2005, she has received many Shinpiden trainings and continues to develop her understanding of Reiki with retreats and classes. She is a Registered Practitioner/Teacher with Shibumi International Reiki Association, Graduate Teacher with the International House of Reiki and the founder of Attune: The Art of Reiki, LLC.

Zeynep Yilmaz, a teacher of Happiness, Reiki, Mindfulness and Yoga. Zeynep is an incredible teacher who is full of compassion and wisdom that shines for all of us. She has trained in the traditional system of Reiki for over 10 years with Frans Stiene. Zeynep is the co-founder of Cincinnati Reiki Day and has many gifts of healing that she shares with us as she continues her journey towards happiness and fulfillment.

Sundar Kadayam is an entrepreneur, healer, writer and spiritual teacher. He has trained in the traditional system of Reiki for over 10 years with Frans Stiene. The awakened living and non-dual teachings of the great sage Ramana Maharshi have been a major influence on his spiritual path. Sundar's sharing centers around Self Realization, and abiding in one's own True Nature.

The schedule for the day:

Cincinnati Reiki Day : Reiki and Mindfulness
Deepening Your Personal Practice

8:00 - 9:00 Setup - Volunteer Help Welcomed

9:00 - 9:30 Registration

9:30 -10:30 Morning intro and Reiju, Focusing on Conscious Breathing and Sitting Meditation as nourishment

10:30 -11:30 Sharing from Plum Village, What is Reiki? What is Mindfulness?

11:30 -12:00 Walking Meditation


12:00 -1:30 Lunch potluck, Starting with Noble Silence and Mindful Eating for 10 min.

Please bring something to share for potluck.


1:30 - 2:00 Hugging Meditation/ Being Reiki

2:15- 3:30 Deepening Your Personal Practice

3:30 - 4:50 Reiki share, hands on healing

4:50 - 5:00 Closing

5:00 - 6:00 pm Cleanup - Volunteer Help Welcomed

*agenda is subject to change.

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Scholarships are available:

Each year, we offer a limited number of scholarships for those in need. We ask that you keep this in mind when applying so the limited slots can be filled by those who need it most.

How the scholarship application works:

Please send a request for a scholarship application to You will be sent a simple application. Applications must be received by September 15th, 2019.Scholarship recipients will be notified on or by September 22nd, 2019.

For questions about the event, orquestions about the scholarship please email

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