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Balancing Yin/Yang
Everything observable by the senses is subject to change and therefore in motion.. there are interlocking cycles of change .. one cannot bid the winds and waves to cease, but one can learn to navigate the treacherous currents by conducting ourselves in harmony with the prevailing processes of transformation- and thus weather the storms of life. – John BLofeld, I Ching

Yin and Yang is a symbol that explains the harmony that the universe seeks: balance to all things. This is the natural cycle of our world. If we seek to understand how to be in line with that rhythm of balance, then we can navigate and recover from the storms in our own lives.

Think about Yin and Yang, or light and dark, heaven and earth, mind and body, they are opposites or contrasting states. One is not better than the other. These opposites in nature exist within us too. When combined in harmony they create compassion and connection with our true selves.

When we balance the mind and body we can come back to peace and are able to heal. Mind is not better than body, but we need both to be working together in harmony to live our best life. The system of Reiki helps us to find balance within both the mind and the body. So that the mind can be supported and let go of apprehension and distress. Allowing more space in the mind for solutions, more circulation in the body to heal and for our emotions to return to peace.



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