Bronwen Logan is the co-author of The Reiki Sourcebook, The Japanese Art of Reiki and Your Reiki Treatment. As an international teacher of all levels of Reiki, she also teaches specialist classes including Animal Reiki and leads women's retreats globally. She makes her home in the blue mountains of Australia.

In this episode Bronwen speaks about Reiki and gives insight into Reiki with animals.  She also shares her perspective on how the practice of Reiki has changed over the years. This conversation is jam packed with wisdom and insight from a teacher whose research and writing has influenced global Reiki research since the early 2000’s. At the end of the episode Bronwen leads us in a meditation to support us during this Virus Pandemic.

Thank you Bronwen Logan for Being the Light! To find out about Bronwen's audio offerings or events you can visit her at her website: or

Grateful to Max Raphael of True Resonance,, for co-producing this Podcast and for donating his beautiful music. 

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