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Be the Light- Creating a Reiki Podcast and Video Project

I'm creating a project using audio, video, and writings to share inspiration and ways to cultivate healing and happiness. Why am I doing this? To build a momentum of positive change. To share with people wonderful teachings, inspiration and wisdom from spiritual teachers, practioners and everday heros. I believe it is important to help to uplift and support people in their healing by offering many opportunities to practice and to be inspired.

I will be visiting with teachers such as Thich Nhat Hhan, Gangaji, Frans Stiene, and Rupert Spira. Everything that I learn I bring back to my community. We are moving towards wholeness and happiness when we continue to honor the truth and wisdom within all of us.  Along the way, I will be documenting my experiences and lessons learned while recording interviews and conversations with spiritual teachers, practitioners and everyday heroes. From these efforts, I will produce and launch the podcast: “Be The Light.” This podcast will share the power of healing through different systems; Reiki, mindfulness, awareness, meditations, conversations and stories from the practice. 

On May 31st I will take a big step on this journey of the soul, one that I am calling “Be The Light.” It is a journey that I have been preparing for and one that has been calling to my heart. I am now ready to answer it.

The immediate impact is that I will be setting aside my one-on-one hands on healing practice for three weeks in June while I attend the 21-day mindfulness training at Plum Village Thich Nhat Hhan’s monastery. From June 1st to June 21st I will be out of contact with my loved ones, friends, clients…everyone and everything. This time will be one of complete immersion into mindfulness, meditation, and peace.

I am humbled and amazed by this opportunity to progress on my path and deepen my practice. This is not easy for me, but I am sitting with my fears as they arise. This is my healing: to accept and show compassion no matter what the conditions. I am grateful to know that I am not alone. Thank you for walking by my side and for having faith. I am grateful for this community and humbled to be blessed with your support.

“We are all the leaves of one tree. We are all the waves of one sea.” Thich Nhat Hhan

So, whether it is through the sharing of Reiki as I set out alone, or with financial support to help create a sustainable podcast, whatever the medium, your support is needed, welcomed and appreciated.

If it resonates with you and you want to be part of this momentum, please contribute to my Go Fund Me. Any contribution you make goes towards needs to develop and produce the “Be The Light” podcast. Travel costs, equipment and technical IT support. It will also help to bring back these wonderful teachings and practices to our community. Thank you for believing in me and supporting the dream of shining our light for positive change.

To learn more, to offer support, and for updates along the way, please visit: Be The Light: Reiki Podcast with Maria Kammerer

With gratitude and love,


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