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Do you have time to love

Have the busy days of the season overwhelmed your mindfulness? As you make the cookies and buy the presents, is your heart fully present? Are you peaceful? Or are you replaying the past? Is your mind worrying about the future? 

“Where mindfulness is [present], true life, solidity, freedom, and healing also manifest.”

During these holy days don’t let hectic schedules push away your mindfulness. Take a breath and connect to how you are feeling; remember the real reason you are making cookies and going togatherings. Take time to be fully present and enjoy all the preparations for this holy season. When yougive from a place of thoughtfulness and caring, it resonates in your heart. Let those feelings become a part of the gifts you are giving. 

“Where the Holy Spirit is, there is also understanding, life, healing, and compassion.”

Stop, breath, and pay attention to your loved ones. See them as they are in the present moment, free from the framework of the past. Be open to giving and receiving kindness and compassion toeveryone around you. Bring your mind to where your body is. Breathe in the present moment, breathe out a wonderful moment. Give the gift of your energy and mindfulness.

“…cultivate this energy that dwells in you, that illuminates you, and makes life possible." 
-Thich Nhat Hahn

The true gift of the season is to prepare our hearts and minds for the rebirthing of the light within all of us. It is an opportunity to come home to our own heart, to our families, to celebrate the light in our lives, and to see the beauty that is all around us. Be present with the true meaning of this time.

Dear one, I am here for you. Look into the eyes of your loved one. Be there. Reiki guides us to being fully present, open-hearted, clear-minded, and relaxed in the body; with this wisdom, we can truly be present, loving, and compassionate 

Give the gift of your presence this Holy season, and you will find the time to love.

May all of us be the blessing this season!



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