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Embracing Everything

Sometimes life brings you things that rock you. Makes you face your darkest fears and brings a torrent of anger and helplessness. When that happens you have a choice. You can choose to struggle and try to control everything causing greater ripples and suffering or can surrender.

Surrendering and allowing yourself to open into your true feelings, as they happen, is a deep gift of self-compassion. It creates space in you that lets you process what is really going on. What is the truth of this moment? this fear? How can I get help? It is far better than shoving your feelings down until they are forced to escape like lightning in a thunderstorm.

There is grace in those moments when you allow yourself to be fully alive, engaged, open, humble and with no judgment. Embracing everything, accepting things as they are with stillness and peace. I'm very grateful for the system of Reiki that allowed me to be grounded, full of energy and clarity when I need it most. Allowing me to practice being steady and healthy in my everyday so I can be be compassionate to myself and others as the storms of lifecome and go.

Grateful for my many blessings. Profound gratitude for you being on this journey with me. 

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