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Four reasons why you should Love Reiki


Dear friends,

Do you want to feel better? To feel healthier and happier right now? What would you say if I told you that there is a way of appreciating your life immediately? If you haven’t tried a Reiki treatment and felt the full benefit of this beautiful technique for stress reduction and relaxation here are four reasons why you should do it right away:

Choosing to be compassionate to yourself
A client asked me the other day, "Why is it hard to be nice to myself?" The answer is that we haven't had a lot of practice. Since we were little we are taught how to behave in society, to be nice or share with others. It is important to learn how to care for ourselves too. Not just on a physical level, but to feel compassion for all aspects of who we are. We need to practice receiving what we need for our hearts, minds and bodies.

 Think about it for a minute, how do you react when someone gives you a compliment? Do you brush it off? "Oh, this old thing" or do receive the gift; "Thank you!" A Reiki treatment is an act of compassion to yourself. It is a choice to feel better, to find inner happiness and to heal.

Be open to receive what you need
When you go for a Reiki treatment the intention that we work with is, "I am open to receive what I need in these moments of time." Our intention is set and the mind can get out of the way. Nothing to do. You are allowing your healing to take place. The breath slows down, the body relaxes, the mind softens, the energy flows to where it is needed. We remember our peace. 

Feel the Awakening
Sometimes the hardest part about a treatment is getting up from the table. :) People are so relaxed and at peace they don't want to leave. I hear often that I should open a Reiki bed and breakfast, giving Reiki treatments to each person and moving on to the next room and letting them sleep. After a treatment, you feel deeply relaxed and returned to your wholeness. Feeling lighter and full of energy. Rested and restored we feel we have returned home to a fresh start, a clean slate.

Feel How Reiki Resonates
Reiki keeps working in you. You strike a bell and it keeps resonating. It's like that. Like remembering your true self, your inner light. Then that peace shines out into your life for as long as you let it. That peace and healing is shared with your family, friends and anyone around you. Reiki resonates in you and you feel happier and can share that happiness with others.
The list of what I love about Reiki can go on and on, because it helps me to be compassionate to myself and others, it helps me to let go and be open to receive what I need. Reiki restores and rejuvenates me. I feel alive and present in my life. My healing resonates and continues to shine out into the world. 



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