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How can we stay centered and grounded in Scary times? Being grounded means that we are emotionally stable and secure. That we feel safe and at home wherever we are. Taking that Calm, peaceful and relaxed feeling within us everywhere we go. 

I often look to nature for peace and wisdom. When I walk in the woods and I see the trees, I think how graceful, strong, rooted, and yet flexible. I picture the roots running deep into the ground providing structure, nourishment and strength. The trunk, I see is the heart of the tree, it is the core, the strong support that brings light down from the branches and leaves and water up from the roots. How do we strengthen our core to stay grounded in our lives? The trees have a regular rhythm of the seasons, it guides their growth, helps them let go of the past, creates new directions of life and revels in abundance.

 We got to get that rhythm baby! It helps me to have a routine or a regular rhythm to my daily practice to support my growth. There are a lot of things that you do every day but are you making time for peace and clarity? When we have a routine, it makes it easier to practice remembering our rooted self, strong hearts and clear minds.

 Sometimes we need to practice meditation in quiet place, sometimes we need a retreat or a Reiki treatment to help re-center ourselves and get back into that daily practice.  

 Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, creating, loving,dancing!! Sitting, standing, breathing, everything that you see hear AND do, the divine is always present. Say yes to staying centered and grounded, remember your peace! 



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