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Hug Mobs

A great way to spread happiness and kindness is to participate in a Hug Mob!  If you follow us on Facebook you can see where we are and you can come and give hugs and/or get them!  

The next Hug Mob is at 1:00 on October 11th at the City Flea in Washington Park. Everyone is invited! - Hugs

Click this link to check us out on Facebook:  Attune Cincinnati: The Kindness Challenge

A good friend shared this video with me. I cried happy tears. :) There are so many people that I am grateful for in my life. I wish I could do something this cool for them!  So I'm just going to take this moment to be grateful because there are so many wonderful people out in the world who are so good and we often don't take the time to appreciate them. So here it goes....Thank you for my family who are so loving and supportive x10.  My first thought before I get out of bed is bless my family. The last thought I have is bless my family.

Thank you to Tamara BrownMoomaw for building this fantastic website and then teaching me how to use it! Thank you to Erik Brown of Brownstone Design for my logo. He is a brilliant man as is everyone in their family. Thank you to Carolyn Evans at Phodographer for being a photo genius and for her advice. Thanks to April Mann and Seemless Printing for making me look good on small bits of paper. Thank you to Modo Yoga, the Yoga bar and Whole Care for sharing space with me. Thank you to Frans and Bronwen Stiene and everyone at the International House of Reiki. Thank you to Cincinnati Waldorf School for being a wonderful place of growth. Thank you to all of my Reiki buddies out there for spreading and sharing Reiki! Thank you to BGV and my mentor for the business classes!  XOXO

Most of all thank you to my Firestarter friends Maria Schade, Tammy Duvall, Laura Thomas, Susan Grey and April Mann for keeping the fire burning bright! You have a special place in my heart. Much Love! Maria 

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