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I have arrived, I am home.

As soon as I stepped onto the monastery grounds of Plum Village, I felt a tangible energy of peace. It was as if all the meditation and practice that had happened there over the years was still happening. This ongoing presence was creating incredible energy that seeped into everything. One of the nun’s greeted me by taking my hands, looking gently into my eyes and saying to me “You have arrived, you are home.” The feeling of immediate relief and peace filled me. I could feel my body relax, and a smile of happiness bloomed in my heart. 

I have arrived, I am home. 

This mantra of “I have arrived, I am home” is a wonderful Mindfulness practice that is taught by Thich Nhat Hhan, Zen Master and founder of Plum Village, my home for three weeks in June. It is an invitation to arrive into each moment. To be at home in each moment. To be fully alive and open to what is present.

Such a simple saying but what does it truly mean? It speaks to when you can fully arrive into this moment, you are dropping all other distracting thoughts, allowing your mind and energy to become concentrated. When your mind becomes focused, the energy that is needed to nourish and bring you to wholeness becomes available. The mind is clear, the heart is open, and the body can relax and come into balance. You are free. You have arrived, you are home.

Feeling at home within yourself. 

To be home is to feel safe, accepted and understood. We belong, we are loved and supported. At home, you can relax and recover from stress. You can nurture yourself and your loved ones. At home, you can have fun and be happy without worry. How good would it be to feel that way all the time? 

Finding the home within you is a way for you be stable and at peace. You can begin to carry the relaxed feeling of being at home wherever you go. It is a way for you to live a happier life.

This is an invitation to cultivate your happiness. No matter what is happening or where you are. It is up to you to choose to be fully alive and present in this moment. Your choice to arrive in the here and the now. Bring all of your attention to your breath, as you breathe say to yourself, “I have arrived,” as you breathe out, “I am home.”  

There is so much happiness in me and I'm grateful for the continued opportunities to share that happiness with you. In the coming months I will continue to share more of the teachings of Mindfulness and what I learned during my time at Plum Village. Stay tuned for opportunites to practice, learn and grow. 



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