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Learning through Happiness

Sometimes we get used to learning lessons the hard way. Like a child learning about fire. They know it is hot. They have been told of the dangers but still get burned, often more than once. Learning through harm is getting hurt and recovering and trying not to do it again. Sometimes we think we’re learning because we are aware of the hurt that is coming. The tougher part of learning is understanding and reflecting on our reactions, then forgiving ourselves and others before letting it go. This process can be quick or takes years to reflect upon.

We can remember to learn the easy way, through happiness. That learning to be happy can be an easy way to be in the present moment. If we are open to learn through laughing, from the beauty all around us. We can playfully reflect on things that have been, lovingly forgive ourselves and others. We can pay attention to the simple happiness that is already here.

Sounds nice right? But how can it be that easy? Start to be aware of the good conditions around you that create happiness. What is going on around you that is already good? Pay attention to it, look for it in your day. Look for it in other’s lives, feel the gratitude, let it grow. When we practice being happy our happiness gets stronger and it becomes easier to be happy.

Healing can be difficult sometimes but most of the time it is not. It just takes a shift in our perspective through being thankful and enjoying today, by focusing on the good. Let it be simple, let it be easy. It is already happening, we are breathing, we are alive and well.

Let yourself learn to be happy is an act of your kindness to yourself and to those around you. Smile at the flowers, the falling leaves and relax. When you smile, your whole-being remembers you are well, you are grateful, and you receive what you need from this life at this moment. Smile for you and for anyone who can benefit from this happiness.

Smiling Meditation:
Sit comfortably, become aware of your breath.
Breathe in calm for your body, breathe out…
let a gentle smile bloom on your face.
Breathe in calm for your mind, breathe out… feel your muscles relaxing.
Breathe in calm for your emotions, breathe out….
and enjoy this present moment.
Breathe in happiness to your whole being, breath out…. Your whole being is smiling.

With a smile for you,


Resiliency, how can we recover from difficult situations?

There is a lot of contrast in the world today. So much anger, stress and worry. Don’t let this stuff overwhelm you. If your weighed down with everything. How can you help make your life better? How can you help others?

Use the contrast of all that is not going well to drive you to find a better way to live. Let it motivate you to find ways to be uplifted, to be softer, and strong in the world. If you are sick of all the anger that you see, take care of any anger that is in you. Use these opportunities to help yourself stay connected to your true nature and to notice and care for your own well-being. Commit to making some changes, to getting the help you need, to sit and remember your peace.

You can not hide or resist what is present. If you do it just drives it deeper within. Instead notice what is calling out for your attention. Where do you carry it? Is it in your shoulders, your belly? Bring your awareness to those areas and breathe for a few moments. Just sit and breathe into those areas. Paying attention to those tight spots helps them to loosen up, to let go and relax. This is a simple way to empty yourself of stress and tension. Then you can be supple, alive and full of gratitude.

We can also pay attention to all the good that is happening all around us. The fact that you are reading this newsletter or interested in healing means that there is already a lot of harmony in your life. There are many good things going on for you right now. Take a moment to acknowledge that, receive it, celebrate it, and be grateful!

Practice relaxation and keep moving forward, then we can continue to recover from our struggles and be resilient in our lives. Stay committed to being peace, healing and love in the world.



Feeding Peace

Last fall I decided it would be nice to feed the birds. We hung a bird feeder in the window so that we could see the birds when dishes were being washed. It was really nice but then the feeder broke. I still had a lot of bird seed and it was getting colder outside. I thought about the birds going hungry. So every day I scattered bird seed out on the porch.

Very quickly the birds and squirrels would gather or stop by to see if there was any food. It was quite nice to have their company into the winter. In the spring I noticed that we had an unprecedented amount of nature going on. There were several birds’ nests with babies, a few bunnies had made their home, bees, butterflies and even a deer with its newborn moved in.

It felt so good to witness all of this beauty and natural rhythm. Eventually, I forgot about the bird seed. I stopped feeding the nature around me. I only remembered it, because one day I looked around and noticed that there was not much animal activity. The animals had gone elsewhere for nourishment.

I'm telling you this story because this is like the practice of healing. When we want to heal or be peaceful we feed that peace and healing with Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, or many other ways to practice. Then we begin to flourish, we grow in abundance, variety and unexpected but delightful ways. It’s just like the nature around my home that grew stronger. We feel great. Alive and present in our lives.

Then maybe you stop practicing, you forget or get out of the habit of making time for it. The healing or peace gets covered up by the noise of a busy life, the stress, the old habits. Our rhythm of healing and expansion slows down. Before long we notice we are not feeling as good as before and guess what? That is okay because we know what to do. We just forgot! It happens, do not worry.

Meditation, Reiki, mindfulness and your true nature is here and ready to be dusted off again. Through this process of ebb and flow we become aware; more dedicated to our practice of feeding and recognizing our peace.

With Love,


Community, Circles of Healing

“The Healing social life is found when, in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection. And when, in the community the virtue of each one is living.”

– Rudolph Steiner

There are many different circles of community that we might find ourselves in. Maybe it is a circle of close friends, the circle of your family, or a community of practitioners; each of these different circles are a huge opportunity to heal ourselves and others.

In each of these community circles there are many connections between each of its members. To me, the quote above is reminding us that each person is a valuable part of the circle. That we should honor each person’s wisdom and sharing.

Taking that thought one step further we hold each other in our conscious minds. We recognize that part of each person we know resides within us. In each of our hearts we are all reflected. So that we can become less contained in our individual egos but embody the consciousness of all. We are all interconnected and growing together in this point in time. There is no need to compare or measure against each other, because we belong to and support each other.

As we stand in our circles, each person is holding an important part of that circle. We have a responsibility to take care of our personal healing but also to look out for each other. When we do that, you and your community are both strengthened.

Rumi said this so simply: Flow down and down into ever widening rings of being.

Ultimately there is no distance to the center of yourself, but if we begin to stand strong within our true compassionate and loving selves, we will expand into ever widening rings of being and will be shining our light collectively in our community circles.

How do we find Community? Ask yourself a few key questions:

Is there a group or organization that I already belong to that I can invest some of your time in?

Who can benefit from my unique skills and talents?

Is there an activity or something that I always wanted to try(something you would enjoy, like painting or hiking)?

Answering these questions will help you to connect with a meetup, class, or organization that have some shared interest.
Volunteering or joining a class is a wonderful way to meet new people! I can't tell you how many life long friends I have made that started with a volunteer event or new interest.

With Love,


Balancing Yin/Yang
Everything observable by the senses is subject to change and therefore in motion.. there are interlocking cycles of change .. one cannot bid the winds and waves to cease, but one can learn to navigate the treacherous currents by conducting ourselves in harmony with the prevailing processes of transformation- and thus weather the storms of life. – John BLofeld, I Ching

Yin and Yang is a symbol that explains the harmony that the universe seeks: balance to all things. This is the natural cycle of our world. If we seek to understand how to be in line with that rhythm of balance, then we can navigate and recover from the storms in our own lives.

Think about Yin and Yang, or light and dark, heaven and earth, mind and body, they are opposites or contrasting states. One is not better than the other. These opposites in nature exist within us too. When combined in harmony they create compassion and connection with our true selves.

When we balance the mind and body we can come back to peace and are able to heal. Mind is not better than body, but we need both to be working together in harmony to live our best life. The system of Reiki helps us to find balance within both the mind and the body. So that the mind can be supported and let go of apprehension and distress. Allowing more space in the mind for solutions, more circulation in the body to heal and for our emotions to return to peace.



Wishing you a Season filled with Wonder!

When you look at the photo, what can you see in this child's eyes? 
What she is feeling is one of most meaningful things about the holiday season: Wonder!

 She is looking at something that is completely new and therefore has no judgment, no attachment. When we see the pure beauty of something or someone for its own sake, that innocence and purity that resides in every heart can be touched.

 Look again at the world with the eyes of a child and let your heart be filled with wonder of all things beautiful, cozy and bright. See that all things can be new and shining if you just shift your perspective.  

Receive the gift of returning to your wonderful open heart, with a clear mind and relaxed body. Ready to be able to look at the world with freshness, to see that all beings including you, are sacred. 

Ways to increase the Wonder in your heart. 
- Find a photo of yourself as a child and put it by your bedside table. Take time to look at the photo and remember that feeling of being in a world of wonder.

- A few books that I love during this time of year are, Home for Christmas, Stories for young and old, A collection of stories. The Light in the Lantern: Stories for an Advent Calendar, by Georg Dreißig. 
- Check out "This Strange Rock" - A documentary on this amazing earth, told through the eyes of Astronauts and narrated by Will Smith.

- Regular Reiki and/or meditation practice helps you to let go of stress and  stay centered in your true self. Your inner peace, bright light and happiness. 
- Find times to play or goof off. Connect to the child within. What was your favorite thing to do when you were 7-8 years old?  Do that… or craft a holiday card, dance, sing, play air hockey,  drawing with crayons or glue and glitter is always fun. :)  

Many blessings to you and your loved ones!



Every day can be a feast of Thanksgiving

 For the rest of the month make every day a day to give thanks. Make gratitude your focus and see what happens!

 Wake up and take a moment for gratitude: Be grateful for another day, for your night of rest, for the home you live in. 

 Throughout your day try to notice what you can be grateful for. The morning light? The family dog that gives you an opportunity to walk outside? Take note of what makes you feel that sense of gratitude or beauty in the world. Every time you see something or someone that you are grateful for say thank you. 

 During lunch or dinner take a minute before eating to be aware of the food you are going to eat. Be grateful for the sun, rain, and soil that created the vegetables; for the farmers and all the hard work that made the food in front of you. Let gratitude fill your heart and help you to receive all the nourishment you need physically and spiritually.

Before going to bed, set a little notebook on your bedside table. Each night you can write down what you were grateful for that day. As you write it, feel that feeling again. Really connect with it. Remember those moments of a smile, a good work, the sunshine, or hug from a friend.  Make everyday a feast of thanksgiving. 

With love and gratitude for you,


This year I have traveled to meet teachers who have inspired me in my life. I wanted to sit with them and practice, experience heart to heart the truth that they are bringing to us. It has been an incredible journey. Everyday there is more gratitude and love in my heart and in the support that I offer to you.

There are many insights and revelations about this journey that I want to share with you. For today I want to share this:  Everyone is talking about the same thing. They may use a different vocabulary or have a unique perspective, but it is all pointing to same thing.  It is simply to be yourself. Nothing else is needed. Already you are perfect whole and complete. We are all one already, never alone, never separate from anyone or anything. Healing is present now.

Who you are is bigger and more amazing than your mind can possibly grasp. Your true nature is LOVE. It is peace, it is what you have been searching for outside of yourself all your life. You are the happiness. Stop searching outside of yourself. IT is already here within you.

STOP what you are doing right now.

Begin again. Recognize it is not time to be small but to accept how great we really are! Recognize all beings are the same as you. We are all made of the same stuff. We all breathe the same air. We all live on this beautiful home, earth. The more we feel this interconnection the easier it is to love.

Holding you all in my heart. Knowing that when I practice it is not just for me but for all.


Reiki – How To Stay In The Flow

You come for a Reiki treatment and you feel so good!! You’ve let go of some baggage and feel released of stress, relaxed, have less pain, more clarity. You’re rested and at peace, grounded, energized.
Now what? How do you keep those feelings? How do you stay in the flow?

“Reiki is your energy. It is a river that washes away any obstruction. Stay in the flow.”

I often use a river as a metaphor to talk about Reiki. Reiki is your energy. Imagine this energy as a wide, strong, smoothly flowing river. In its natural state of well-being, this river, your energy, flows peacefully and with an easy certainly. It receives the flow of tributaries and rainfall effortlessly, and these contributions to the flow only serve to make the river stronger and deeper as it continues its journey.

But, as with life, a river can begin to accumulate things that cause disturbances to the steady flow: storms of anger, debris that causes sadness, logjams of physical pain, and boulders of mental blocks and emotional inertia. These obstructions and actions cause the steady energy of the river to break, bringing turbulence and volatility that creates an unsteady, unpredictable flow.

This redirection of the flow, your energy, makes it hard to be open to receive the wisdom of your life. It is difficult to recover from illness and to manage worry or stress. You lose touch with the beautiful, wide flow of your life force.

So how do you maintain the deep, calm flow that Reiki brings?
After a Reiki treatment, your flow of energy is strong and can keep flowing for a long time. We feel so good, so balanced. But…with time we begin to pick up more worries, troubles, and the challenges of life begin to add up. These block the flow of your river creating again turbulence, eddies, and backflows. Our state of well-being subsides.

A strong meditation practice supports your wellness.

A consistent, personal mediation is the way to self-support your lifestream and extend the calm and peace between your Reiki treatments. Regular hands-on healing treatments guide you back to your natural state of well-being, guiding you back to the awareness of your being, your energy.

With this combination of self-care and Reiki treatments, you can easily maintain your deep, calm, steady, powerful flow of life, wisdom, and energy.

When you practice or receive Reiki, it brings you back home to your wholeness, your beautiful flowing river. Over time your river becomes the ocean; the ocean becomes space – the infinite, never-ending universe of life. Your true self.

With Love and gratitude,


I have arrived, I am home.

As soon as I stepped onto the monastery grounds of Plum Village, I felt a tangible energy of peace. It was as if all the meditation and practice that had happened there over the years was still happening. This ongoing presence was creating incredible energy that seeped into everything. One of the nun’s greeted me by taking my hands, looking gently into my eyes and saying to me “You have arrived, you are home.” The feeling of immediate relief and peace filled me. I could feel my body relax, and a smile of happiness bloomed in my heart. 

I have arrived, I am home. 

This mantra of “I have arrived, I am home” is a wonderful Mindfulness practice that is taught by Thich Nhat Hhan, Zen Master and founder of Plum Village, my home for three weeks in June. It is an invitation to arrive into each moment. To be at home in each moment. To be fully alive and open to what is present.

Such a simple saying but what does it truly mean? It speaks to when you can fully arrive into this moment, you are dropping all other distracting thoughts, allowing your mind and energy to become concentrated. When your mind becomes focused, the energy that is needed to nourish and bring you to wholeness becomes available. The mind is clear, the heart is open, and the body can relax and come into balance. You are free. You have arrived, you are home.

Feeling at home within yourself. 

To be home is to feel safe, accepted and understood. We belong, we are loved and supported. At home, you can relax and recover from stress. You can nurture yourself and your loved ones. At home, you can have fun and be happy without worry. How good would it be to feel that way all the time? 

Finding the home within you is a way for you be stable and at peace. You can begin to carry the relaxed feeling of being at home wherever you go. It is a way for you to live a happier life.

This is an invitation to cultivate your happiness. No matter what is happening or where you are. It is up to you to choose to be fully alive and present in this moment. Your choice to arrive in the here and the now. Bring all of your attention to your breath, as you breathe say to yourself, “I have arrived,” as you breathe out, “I am home.”  

There is so much happiness in me and I'm grateful for the continued opportunities to share that happiness with you. In the coming months I will continue to share more of the teachings of Mindfulness and what I learned during my time at Plum Village. Stay tuned for opportunites to practice, learn and grow. 



If you want to learn more about Plum Village and Thich Nhat Hanh's work check out 

Be the Light- Creating a Reiki Podcast and Video Project

I'm creating a project using audio, video, and writings to share inspiration and ways to cultivate healing and happiness. Why am I doing this? To build a momentum of positive change. To share with people wonderful teachings, inspiration and wisdom from spiritual teachers, practioners and everday heros. I believe it is important to help to uplift and support people in their healing by offering many opportunities to practice and to be inspired.

I will be visiting with teachers such as Thich Nhat Hhan, Gangaji, Frans Stiene, and Rupert Spira. Everything that I learn I bring back to my community. We are moving towards wholeness and happiness when we continue to honor the truth and wisdom within all of us.  Along the way, I will be documenting my experiences and lessons learned while recording interviews and conversations with spiritual teachers, practitioners and everyday heroes. From these efforts, I will produce and launch the podcast: “Be The Light.” This podcast will share the power of healing through different systems; Reiki, mindfulness, awareness, meditations, conversations and stories from the practice. 

On May 31st I will take a big step on this journey of the soul, one that I am calling “Be The Light.” It is a journey that I have been preparing for and one that has been calling to my heart. I am now ready to answer it.

The immediate impact is that I will be setting aside my one-on-one hands on healing practice for three weeks in June while I attend the 21-day mindfulness training at Plum Village Thich Nhat Hhan’s monastery. From June 1st to June 21st I will be out of contact with my loved ones, friends, clients…everyone and everything. This time will be one of complete immersion into mindfulness, meditation, and peace.

I am humbled and amazed by this opportunity to progress on my path and deepen my practice. This is not easy for me, but I am sitting with my fears as they arise. This is my healing: to accept and show compassion no matter what the conditions. I am grateful to know that I am not alone. Thank you for walking by my side and for having faith. I am grateful for this community and humbled to be blessed with your support.

“We are all the leaves of one tree. We are all the waves of one sea.” Thich Nhat Hhan

So, whether it is through the sharing of Reiki as I set out alone, or with financial support to help create a sustainable podcast, whatever the medium, your support is needed, welcomed and appreciated.

If it resonates with you and you want to be part of this momentum, please contribute to my Go Fund Me. Any contribution you make goes towards needs to develop and produce the “Be The Light” podcast. Travel costs, equipment and technical IT support. It will also help to bring back these wonderful teachings and practices to our community. Thank you for believing in me and supporting the dream of shining our light for positive change.

To learn more, to offer support, and for updates along the way, please visit: Be The Light: Reiki Podcast with Maria Kammerer

With gratitude and love,


Chop Wood. Carry Water - The Place of Reiki in Our Daily Routine

There is an old Zen saying, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” What does this ancient wisdom have to do with our day-to-day life?

Chopping wood and carrying water represent the daily, repetitive tasks of work and life. We all have our modern version of menial or unpleasant tasks – and we struggle to appreciate or to approach these burdens with our best effort: the dirty dishes, the email replies, the laundry, the lawn, even that weekly work meeting. It can be easy to justify bringing less than our self to these tasks. But leaving the focus, clarity, and peace of our meditation practice on the cushion or our Reiki session shortchanges the power of the practice, and, lessens the beauty and power of our lives.

Enlightenment means “we lighten.” We let go of our burdens and have more freedom of mind and energy. We already are Reiki or true self, but if not cultivated in our daily life, our awareness of peace and healing does not get uncovered. 

We can wash the dirty dishes with thoughts of the drudgery or thoughts of everything other than the task at hand. Or, we can bring our whole self to the simplicity and importance of the present moment. If we begin to look at our daily life as a chance “lighten” up, then we are truly practicing being Whole.

Wash the dishes. Be present: notice the sensations, the feel of the sponge, the warmth of the water, the heaviness of the dish, your hands as they complete the task, the peacefulness of a clean space. Do not let your mind wander; bring it to this moment, these actions.

Look Deeply:  look at the abundance of clean water. Contemplate what allows that water to be present during this task. The people and moving parts that are in place for you to receive the gift of water. Your home, the sink, the plumbing, the water treatment plant, the people who work there, the rain, the clouds, the rivers and ocean. Because of them you have water. Let gratitude for this to the people and to the natural cycle of water to enter into this task and into your heart.  

Make space for peace and recovery in these moments. Let it be a moving meditation as you dance with the dishes in oneness. When we surrender to the sacredness of our day our menial tasks and daily struggles become softer. We lighten up our judgment and have increased energy and awareness. Everything becomes an opportunity heal, be whole, to be at peace. 



Remember this:
•    Bring your practice of Reiki and meditation to every moment. 
•    Look deeply into your life and you will begin to feel a meaningful connection to all things. Life is beautiful and right in front of you, in every moment and everything you do. 

Time to Hibernate, to Sit in Stillness
 Wintertime. Cold, gray wintertime when, in this part of the world, nature slows down. For me, it brings the same need – to slow down and hibernate; to connect with loved ones, cozy, warm and peaceful. It’s the season for me to go deeply inward, to settle in with my true essence. A time to immerse myself in stillness, in quiet allowing time to reflect and restore after a year of good work, laughter, learning my lessons…and loving as much as I can. 

In this stillness, the truth of my spirit can awaken and rise.
I can let it be and make space to just listen. I listen to the wisdom within me; listen to the universe that is always supporting me; listen to the inner calling of my heart. It is a voice sweet and gentle without force or agenda, only a gentle unfolding of who I am. Who we all are.

We are all called to remember our divine spark, our true nature, our purpose on this earth. 
Using the stillness of wintertime, ask yourself, “who am I?”
We are all meant to shine, as children do. 
We were born to make manifest
the glory of God that is within us.” 
Be present, be still, and listen.  “…as we let our own light shine.”  
Who you are is already perfect.  “...we are liberated from our own fear.”  
No need to fix anything, only to remember who you truly are.  “You are a child of God.” 
By taking this time to hibernate, we can restore the self.
We can all rise stronger with clarity, understanding, and compassion. We can be sustainable in our work, in our lives and in helping others.

Reiki means “the energy of who we are.” It is not the energy of who we will become, but the energy of who we are. Right now. It is the seed of the divine in each of us. It is the bright spark waiting to be uncovered, remembered, and nurtured. We are waiting to shine out fully into the world and to flow into our lives and everyone around us. Will we let it?
I practice a life of Reiki so that I can continuously open my heart, my soul, my mind and body to the oneness, the peace, the healing that is always present. To the heart that beats as one. To awareness, consciousness, to the God of my understanding.


What you practice grows stronger. The practice is there for all of us:

  • Practice Reiki and meditation daily to help you to relax and restore yourself. Reiki helps us to connect with our inner light and strength. It supports us so that we can receive the healing that is needed now.
  • Practice Hygge (Hooga), a Danish custom of bringing coziness and comfort to create a happy life. Let your home or office become a haven of peace and a place to rest. How to Hygge your home?  I recommend the book,The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, by Meik Wiking. A few tips from the book, soft lighting, a few candles, turn off your phone, soft blankets, cozy nooks to contemplate or read. When you think is this Hygge? Think comfort, harmony and gratitude.

  • Practice being quiet, still, listening. Take 1-5 minutes of each day to sit still, relax; there is nothing to do. Being yourself is enough.


  • Practice having fun/joy! Your regular rhythm may need some fresh energy. Be deliberate in bringing fun into your day. Bundle up and play in the snow or take a wintery hike in the park with friends or family. Browse with no intention at your favorite store, sign up to learn something new and meet new friends, or dance to your favorite song– and invite your friends and family dance too!

We are meant to fulfill our purpose, to live fully and to love as much as possible.
Shine Bright Dear Ones!


Do you have time to love

Have the busy days of the season overwhelmed your mindfulness? As you make the cookies and buy the presents, is your heart fully present? Are you peaceful? Or are you replaying the past? Is your mind worrying about the future? 

“Where mindfulness is [present], true life, solidity, freedom, and healing also manifest.”

During these holy days don’t let hectic schedules push away your mindfulness. Take a breath and connect to how you are feeling; remember the real reason you are making cookies and going togatherings. Take time to be fully present and enjoy all the preparations for this holy season. When yougive from a place of thoughtfulness and caring, it resonates in your heart. Let those feelings become a part of the gifts you are giving. 

“Where the Holy Spirit is, there is also understanding, life, healing, and compassion.”

Stop, breath, and pay attention to your loved ones. See them as they are in the present moment, free from the framework of the past. Be open to giving and receiving kindness and compassion toeveryone around you. Bring your mind to where your body is. Breathe in the present moment, breathe out a wonderful moment. Give the gift of your energy and mindfulness.

“…cultivate this energy that dwells in you, that illuminates you, and makes life possible." 
-Thich Nhat Hahn

The true gift of the season is to prepare our hearts and minds for the rebirthing of the light within all of us. It is an opportunity to come home to our own heart, to our families, to celebrate the light in our lives, and to see the beauty that is all around us. Be present with the true meaning of this time.

Dear one, I am here for you. Look into the eyes of your loved one. Be there. Reiki guides us to being fully present, open-hearted, clear-minded, and relaxed in the body; with this wisdom, we can truly be present, loving, and compassionate 

Give the gift of your presence this Holy season, and you will find the time to love.

May all of us be the blessing this season!



What if this is Heaven?

If this is Heaven would you be acting differently? Think about it. Would you be having more fun? Being kinder to others, more loving? I've been thinking about this question a lot lately, and I feel we are meant to bring Heaven onto earth. 

I want to share this metaphor with you:

You walk into a crowded room with people sitting in a circle around a fire. In the fire is a large pot of delicious soup and each person isholding a very long spoon. The spoons are so long that it’s impossible to feed oneself. Everyone sits in agony, starving, and smelling the soup for eternity. This is Hell.

You walk into the next room which, just like the first room, iscrowded with people sitting in a circle around a fire. In the fire is a large pot of delicious soup and each person is holding a very long spoon. These spoons are also too long to feed oneself, but thisgroup finds them perfect for feeding each other.  Everyone’s hungeris satisfied, and they are content for eternity. This is Heaven.  

What is the difference? It wasn’t the conditions that changed; each group had the same pot of soup and the same long spoons. Whatmattered was the difference in the collective perspective of each group; that alone was what transformed each situation into eitherHeaven or Hell.  

It's our choice. 
What if in our lives we only need a shift in perspective to experienceHeaven instead of Hell? Isn't this what a miracle is? When some idea or someone appears seemingly out of nowhere to lend a helping hand just at the right time? Could you be someone else’s miracle or angel just by changing your perspective?

Can you be the first in the circle to offer a spoonful of kindness or forgiveness? What if you changed your viewpoint from one of apprehension and anger into one of love and compassion? Would you see more miracles? Making this change is not always easy. It takes work to let go of our habits of anxiety, fear, and anger and choose to act out of love and kindness. But the choice is in our power. 

Be the change you want to see. Begin to put the baggage of negativity and suspicion down. Begin to love with a deeper conviction. Show up each day with a different perspective, a perspective of compassion and understanding.  

Because, what if this is Heaven and it’s just your perspective that blinds you to it. 

The Practice: Find ways to bring more love and compassion into everyday life.  

Practice gratitude - What are you grateful for right now? Anytime you are struggling, stop and take the time to list five things you are grateful for. Do this anytime you are feeling down. 

Take care of yourself – Take the time for a Reiki treatment or massage; meditate, exercise, and get plenty of rest. Take time to cultivate a little more peace each day. 

Practice forgiving yourself and others - Start with the small things. When something is making you angry or irritated at the moment, forgive that person or circumstances. How? Say in your mind or write it down, "I forgive you for _____." Remember also to forgive yourself and set yourself free of your past mistakes, " I forgive myself, " or “I forgive myself for  _____." 

Pay Attention – Notice your thoughts. What are you thinking about during the day? A lot of times our minds are on cruise control. Become aware of your thoughts, in the moment. If you are not aware of what you are thinking you can't begin to transform them into positive actions. 



How can we stay centered and grounded in Scary times? Being grounded means that we are emotionally stable and secure. That we feel safe and at home wherever we are. Taking that Calm, peaceful and relaxed feeling within us everywhere we go. 

I often look to nature for peace and wisdom. When I walk in the woods and I see the trees, I think how graceful, strong, rooted, and yet flexible. I picture the roots running deep into the ground providing structure, nourishment and strength. The trunk, I see is the heart of the tree, it is the core, the strong support that brings light down from the branches and leaves and water up from the roots. How do we strengthen our core to stay grounded in our lives? The trees have a regular rhythm of the seasons, it guides their growth, helps them let go of the past, creates new directions of life and revels in abundance.

 We got to get that rhythm baby! It helps me to have a routine or a regular rhythm to my daily practice to support my growth. There are a lot of things that you do every day but are you making time for peace and clarity? When we have a routine, it makes it easier to practice remembering our rooted self, strong hearts and clear minds.

 Sometimes we need to practice meditation in quiet place, sometimes we need a retreat or a Reiki treatment to help re-center ourselves and get back into that daily practice.  

 Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, creating, loving,dancing!! Sitting, standing, breathing, everything that you see hear AND do, the divine is always present. Say yes to staying centered and grounded, remember your peace! 



Four reasons why you should Love Reiki


Dear friends,

Do you want to feel better? To feel healthier and happier right now? What would you say if I told you that there is a way of appreciating your life immediately? If you haven’t tried a Reiki treatment and felt the full benefit of this beautiful technique for stress reduction and relaxation here are four reasons why you should do it right away:

Choosing to be compassionate to yourself
A client asked me the other day, "Why is it hard to be nice to myself?" The answer is that we haven't had a lot of practice. Since we were little we are taught how to behave in society, to be nice or share with others. It is important to learn how to care for ourselves too. Not just on a physical level, but to feel compassion for all aspects of who we are. We need to practice receiving what we need for our hearts, minds and bodies.

 Think about it for a minute, how do you react when someone gives you a compliment? Do you brush it off? "Oh, this old thing" or do receive the gift; "Thank you!" A Reiki treatment is an act of compassion to yourself. It is a choice to feel better, to find inner happiness and to heal.

Be open to receive what you need
When you go for a Reiki treatment the intention that we work with is, "I am open to receive what I need in these moments of time." Our intention is set and the mind can get out of the way. Nothing to do. You are allowing your healing to take place. The breath slows down, the body relaxes, the mind softens, the energy flows to where it is needed. We remember our peace. 

Feel the Awakening
Sometimes the hardest part about a treatment is getting up from the table. :) People are so relaxed and at peace they don't want to leave. I hear often that I should open a Reiki bed and breakfast, giving Reiki treatments to each person and moving on to the next room and letting them sleep. After a treatment, you feel deeply relaxed and returned to your wholeness. Feeling lighter and full of energy. Rested and restored we feel we have returned home to a fresh start, a clean slate.

Feel How Reiki Resonates
Reiki keeps working in you. You strike a bell and it keeps resonating. It's like that. Like remembering your true self, your inner light. Then that peace shines out into your life for as long as you let it. That peace and healing is shared with your family, friends and anyone around you. Reiki resonates in you and you feel happier and can share that happiness with others.
The list of what I love about Reiki can go on and on, because it helps me to be compassionate to myself and others, it helps me to let go and be open to receive what I need. Reiki restores and rejuvenates me. I feel alive and present in my life. My healing resonates and continues to shine out into the world. 



Letting Go to Make Space

The system of Reiki has changed me. It has helped me to let go of my judgments and attachments. I am now free to be open to new people and situations. When I first learned Reiki I had many problems with the people in my life. Hopes and fears about how people should behave, and most of all... how I should be treated.

At one point in my life I couldn't even enjoy my own birthday because my expectations for the day completely colored the experience with tension and disappointment. There was a constant striving for perfection often leaving a bitter taste of 'not good enough' lingering in my mind. Slowly as I continued my hands on healing and Reiki meditations, without me even realizing it, I began to let go of old ideas and habits, freeing myself to enjoy my life more.

I no longer felt an emotional charge when the stories of being hurt came up. I was free to see people with fresh eyes. To start to experience each day as it is. Through practicing Reiki my heart was emptied of the pain and there was space for real love to grow. Now I can enjoy people, including myself, for who we all are in the moment. There is a freshness to each day and room for whatever it brings and whomever is present. Grateful to my daily practice of Reiki. It has helped me remember who I am. 

 Love, Maria

Reiki Benefits 

  • Letting go of our worries and anger
  • Uncovering your inner light and inner peace
  • Activating the body’s natural healing abilities
  • Breaking through limitations 
  • Recharging, renewing and reconnecting to your full potential, your true nature

Peace Begins in Your Heart

Dear Friends,

The system of Reiki helps you to be steady and grounded in an often stressful world. It is a tool for you to remember your peace and bring more healing to yourself and others. Meditation is one of the pillars of the system of Reiki. It is a tool that supports you in uncovering your inner peace.

Meditation is really the practice of siting with yourself. When was the last time that you sat still doing nothing? There is no perfect way to meditate. Sometimes the mind needs the space for its momentum to run down. Sometimes there is complete stillness, peace. Thoughts arise. Let them be, and they will settle. Then the space between the thoughts becomes bigger. Practice meditation daily to support your growth. Let your actions begin to arise from that place of peace and compassion. So that we can begin to care for each other in a new way. With deep compassion no matter what the conditions are.

Practice daily meditation at least 5-10 minutes a day to build the momentum of peace. Schedule Reiki treatments or meet with me to begin Reiki training and receive the support you need for your healing.



A Holiday Intention 

May peace and joy fill our hearts as we contemplate the meaning of the season. Grounded in the present moment our awareness grows for the blessings that surround us. Remembering that deep peace and light are always present. Knowing we are loved and supported. We bring comfort and joy to ourselves and others. Allowing the blessings of the season fill our hearts and minds. 

Much love and gratitude to you. Thank you for being on this journey with me. 


Maria Kammerer

Reiki Precept. Do not Worry

Shed your worries, let them float gently upon the winds.

Do not be worried, Fear is a Distraction.

What has your worry done for you? Has it helped you to solve the problem? Or is it a burden or stress that you carry? When you worry the mind spins round and round wasting energy and focus. 

Leave your worry alone! Instead feed your calm. Feed your peace with your attention. What we pay attention to grows. Becoming calmer we can be more present to possibilities. Have clarity and energy to make changes. This is why I love the Reiki precepts. I meditate on them and it helps me to become more grounded and present. Then I can let go of my worries and be peace. 

How to let go of worry? 
1. Take action. Do one small thing to make a change. Small shifts can be very powerful and motivate you to keep going. 
2. Meditate for 5-10 minutes a day. Too busy to meditate? then meditate for 10-20 minutes a day. :)
3. Surround yourself with positive inspiration. Good books, Funny movies, good friends/family, Nature. Anything that reminds you to lighten up. 
4. Forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others. We are all on a journey and are not perfect. A little mercy goes a long way. I forgive myself for being late in writing this newsletter. :)

Let your worries go so that you have the space to live a more joyful and compassionate life.

With Love and Gratitude,

Maria Kammerer 

A Gift of Gratitude to you for my B-Day.  

Dear Friends,

My birthday is coming up this Wednesday September 7th! I'm turning 40! As each year goes by I feel more alive, open and expanded. 

Reflecting back on my life I feel a sense of gratitude for everyday that I have been given. For my family, all the friendship, love and laughter shared. So grateful and honored to walk along such inspiring people.  Each moment is full of life and miracles.  

Feeling very blessed to have my Reiki practice that supports me in letting go of my anger, worries,fears and becoming more compassionate everyday.  Blessed to be following my purpose to serve others.

For my birthday as a gift to myself and as many of my loved ones that I can reach I will be hosting a live Facebook Reiki Chanting or Sound Healing event. It will be on Attune: The Art of Reiki Facebook page on September 7th early in the morning 7:00 am ( to start the day connecting with as many loved ones as possible) and again at 12:30 pm. Please join me and receive what you need.  You are a blessing in my life. 

In love and gratitude,

Maria Kammerer

Open Your Arms Wide

Wise parents do not strive,
Yet their purposes never fail, 
They are available,
but never interfere,
They communicate,
but never lecture. 
They let their children go,
but never lose them. 

These parents are like the Tao.
They open wide their hearts and hands, 
Yet never lose a thing. 


-The Parents Tao Te Ching, by William Martin

Faith, Trust, Open Heart/Mind, painting by Maria Kammerer

 Opening Our Hearts and Minds
Embracing freedom for ourselves and our families.

 Opening our arms wide to fly. That is what trusting yourself and our loved ones feels like. Nothing to protect. Nothing to hide. Only the freedom to be yourself and let others be free. As my children change and grow I can feel myself begin to cling to them. Not wanting things to change or trying fruitlessly to protect them from the world. Wanting them to be a certain way and do what I think is best for their future. 

When we try to control people we create more struggle and cause suffering. Creating drama so that fear, worry and sadness can grow. We become so distracted by our fear and anger that we limit our ability to effect positive change or to help. The moment the struggle arises I know there is a choice to be made. A choice between love and fear. A choice to suffer or to let go. Ask yourself, “Am I acting from a place of unconditional love? If I act from that space of love, what would it look like?” Let your heart and mind open to new possibilities.

We all need to practice standing in our own strength and love.  Allowing everyone to be as they are without judging or labeling. Having faith that we have everything we need within us. Remembering we are supported, we are loved. In this way we can free ourselves and our children from limitations of fear and worry. Allowing trust and faith to grow and creating more space for freedom.

Through this practice I am showing my children by example, how to love and accept the self. Don't wait for freedom. Don't wait to forgive. Don't wait to know that your essence is love. Turn toward the light. Say yes to yourself and your own knowing. You are what the world needs to soar. 

With you in love and gratitude,

Maria Kammerer

Creating a collection of Reiki healing stories to inspire the world to wholeness. Gratitude to my beautiful friend Sundar for this wonderful opportunity. Please join in and submit your story. Please share this with your Reiki friends. 

Now, you can share your Reiki Healing stories, and Reiki miracles with the world. Submit your stories today at:, with our stories, we can raise the awareness of the power of Reiki!

renewing and healing yourself

Renew and Refresh

Remember how beautiful we really are. Reflect on your new journey.

 Wouldn't it be great to give ourselves permission to be new each day? We can let go of our old stories and past pains and be open to possibilities and happiness. It can happen by creating quiet time in our lives. When we give ourselves time to reflect we give space for our minds to slow down and enjoy the journey. Space to clear out the cobwebs and set your intentions for the new you.

 Look back on what made last year great and what challenges you faced. How do you want to feel this coming year? How can you accept those challenges again this year and grow from it? Take some time to reflect on what is working in your life and what's not. Remember to have gratitude for all of it.    

Show up for yourself everyday starting today! Time that you dedicate to yourself can make a big impact on tomorrow.  It doesn't matter if it is just five minutes of quiet time while driving, a walk, meditation or Reiki Treatment. Persistence in reflection and relaxation pays off in clarity.

As I reflect on 2015 a deep gratitude rises in me for all the people I have been so blessed to work with and share in their journey. Thank you for being so supportive of my work. Looking forward to another wonderful year of spreading compassion and happiness. 

Much Love,

Maria Kammerer

The Gift of Presence

This is the season of giving and celebrating together. We celebrate the light of happiness and peace in all people. We come together in the warmth of friendship to share our love and laughter. Renewing our connections to each other and all that is bright in the world.

As you prepare to celebrate think back to this time last year. What made it special? What do you remember most? Time spent with loved ones? Quiet mornings or fun with friends? Was it the kindness of others or a gift of service? Most likely it wasn't stuff that made you truly happy.

Remember that YOU are the biggest gift that you can give. People appreciate when you pay attention to them. Don't be in a hurry to get to the next moment. Enjoy now. Being present helps you to enjoy the world around you and creates a richer more vibrant life. Show compassion to yourself and others this season. Slow down and enjoy nourishing your soul.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

With Love,

Maria Kammerer

Gratitude: Nature shows us that life is abundant with beauty and diversity.

2. Notice: During the day notice all the good things that are happening around you. It could be small like having clean socks or big things, spending time with a loved one.

3. Gratitude list: Reflect at the end of the day and make a list of all the things your are grateful for. Practicing being grateful will water the seeds of compassion and peace in our hearts. My all beings receive happiness! Feel free to share your experiences on my Attune Facebook page or keep it to yourself. :) Thank you for being on this journey with me. With you in Spirit, Maria Kammerer

Got Attitude?  Attitude of Gratitude!

Cultivating a life of gratitude will help you to increase the vibrancy and love in your life. When we feel grateful for our blessings our hearts open up. Love begins to overflow in our lives and in others. Suddenly there are even more reasons to give thanks. Our blessing multiply. 

 How do we practice being grateful? Three ways to practice Gratitude:

1. First Thought: When you wake up practice having your first thought be, "one thing you are grateful for". Be kind to yourself if you forget. Do it when you remember. :) 

Thank you for being on this Journey with me. 

With you in Spirit,

Maria Kammerer

Embracing Everything

Sometimes life brings you things that rock you. Makes you face your darkest fears and brings a torrent of anger and helplessness. When that happens you have a choice. You can choose to struggle and try to control everything causing greater ripples and suffering or can surrender.

Surrendering and allowing yourself to open into your true feelings, as they happen, is a deep gift of self-compassion. It creates space in you that lets you process what is really going on. What is the truth of this moment? this fear? How can I get help? It is far better than shoving your feelings down until they are forced to escape like lightning in a thunderstorm.

There is grace in those moments when you allow yourself to be fully alive, engaged, open, humble and with no judgment. Embracing everything, accepting things as they are with stillness and peace. I'm very grateful for the system of Reiki that allowed me to be grounded, full of energy and clarity when I need it most. Allowing me to practice being steady and healthy in my everyday so I can be be compassionate to myself and others as the storms of lifecome and go.

Grateful for my many blessings. Profound gratitude for you being on this journey with me. 

Limited vs. Unlimited Energy

We think of ourselves as a battery. Limited in the amount of energy we can use. We go about our day working and giving. Running our batteries low.   We try to recharge but our worries, stress, and anger are still there so it is hard to relax and rest. The next day we do the same grind. Digging deeper into our reserves. Stress and exhaustion starts to build. We do not have what we need.

The first step to changing this cycle is to see ourselves as we truly are. We are powerhouses of unlimited energy and potential. We are the battery that is always plugged in and recharging. We are far more connected to the world and each other then we could imagine. This means we can never run out of energy! We can be loved, supported, and have clarity in every moment. We can work from a strong foundation of infinite energy. Then every day you can wake up feeling vibrant ready to fully embrace your life.  We have everything that we need. 

Cultivating Joy

How do we have more joy in our lives?  My path to joy started with laughter.  Joy started to grow as I learned to laugh at myself! To lighten up and not take it all so seriously. Somehow I knew that if I didn't start laughing I was going to lose it!  Once I gave myself permission there were even more things to laugh about.  Reiki treatments helped me to let go of baggage that I did not need anymore. Not carrying a burden meant I had room for more energy and happiness. 

Reiki somehow gave me the space to breathe and gently forgive myself and others for not being perfect.  It gave me a fresh perspective on everything around me and helped me to enjoy my life more.  I had more room for appreciation and compassion for the world around me allowing me to have an increase of JOY!

Check out this article from about more ways to cultivate joy.


The Reiki Precepts

For today only:

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be humble

Be honest in your work

Be compassionate to yourself and others.

The Reiki Precepts are guidelines for me on how to best live my life.  They remind me to live my life one moment at a time. I am lucky to be able to be in this body and have this chance to fulfill my life's purpose.  When we are angry we are thinking about what is in the past. When we are worried we are thinking about the future. We can't hold on to those thoughts and feelings. We must try to be in the moment. Now is the moment when you have the power to act. To say what you need to say. To really feel what you need to. Why wait to be compassionate to yourself and others. For today only be yourself. 

“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.”

—The 14th Dalai Lama
Head Monk Of The Gelugpa Lineage Of Tibetan Buddhism

Kindness Challenge

Take the challenge to do a good deed every day this year. Small acts of kindness can make a difference in peoples lives. Being thoughtful and loving to others can create a better outlook on your life. Helping someone will spread positive growth and warmth to all.

Click this link to check us out on Facebook:  Attune Cincinnati: The Kindness Challenge

Connection: A Kindness Challenge

A friend of mine sent me a link of people going out into the community and inviting them to stand quietly looking into their eyes. Its such a simple thing but all these questions and feelings arise. Could you do it? Does the idea make you feel vulnerable? Do we really want to connect with others? When do we make time to see the people around us? or let ourselves be seen?

Here's the challenge. This week look at everyone who comes across your path. Really take the time to see them as they are in this moment. Don't listen to the stories of them in your head but who are they now. Take note of how it makes you feel to connect with others in this way. Feel free to share your experiences on my Attune Facebook page or keep it to yourself. :) Thanks for being on this journey with me. With you in Spirit! - Maria

Meditate for Peace Cincinnati

Every second Monday of the month join in meditation or share Reiki to help raise the vibration in our city! Cultivate peace in yourselves and let it radiate out to others.  When we meditate or send Reiki as a group we create peace as a community! Take ten minutes out of your day to meditate on peace for everyone in the Cincinnati area. 

Dates: Second Monday of the Month

Time: 12:30 and/or 6:30 P.M.

Place: Wherever you are! 


Meditation helps to create a sense of peace and well-being. When we meditate we learn to let go of our thoughts and relax our mind, body and spirit allowing ourselves to be rejuvenated. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years to help develop a deeper spiritual and mental focus. 

Hug Mobs

A great way to spread happiness and kindness is to participate in a Hug Mob!  If you follow us on Facebook you can see where we are and you can come and give hugs and/or get them!  

The next Hug Mob is at 1:00 on October 11th at the City Flea in Washington Park. Everyone is invited! - Hugs

Click this link to check us out on Facebook:  Attune Cincinnati: The Kindness Challenge

A good friend shared this video with me. I cried happy tears. :) There are so many people that I am grateful for in my life. I wish I could do something this cool for them!  So I'm just going to take this moment to be grateful because there are so many wonderful people out in the world who are so good and we often don't take the time to appreciate them. So here it goes....Thank you for my family who are so loving and supportive x10.  My first thought before I get out of bed is bless my family. The last thought I have is bless my family.

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Most of all thank you to my Firestarter friends Maria Schade, Tammy Duvall, Laura Thomas, Susan Grey and April Mann for keeping the fire burning bright! You have a special place in my heart. Much Love! Maria 

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