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Learning through Happiness

Sometimes we get used to learning lessons the hard way. Like a child learning about fire. They know it is hot. They have been told of the dangers but still get burned, often more than once. Learning through harm is getting hurt and recovering and trying not to do it again. Sometimes we think we’re learning because we are aware of the hurt that is coming. The tougher part of learning is understanding and reflecting on our reactions, then forgiving ourselves and others before letting it go. This process can be quick or takes years to reflect upon.

We can remember to learn the easy way, through happiness. That learning to be happy can be an easy way to be in the present moment. If we are open to learn through laughing, from the beauty all around us. We can playfully reflect on things that have been, lovingly forgive ourselves and others. We can pay attention to the simple happiness that is already here.

Sounds nice right? But how can it be that easy? Start to be aware of the good conditions around you that create happiness. What is going on around you that is already good? Pay attention to it, look for it in your day. Look for it in other’s lives, feel the gratitude, let it grow. When we practice being happy our happiness gets stronger and it becomes easier to be happy.

Healing can be difficult sometimes but most of the time it is not. It just takes a shift in our perspective through being thankful and enjoying today, by focusing on the good. Let it be simple, let it be easy. It is already happening, we are breathing, we are alive and well.

Let yourself learn to be happy is an act of your kindness to yourself and to those around you. Smile at the flowers, the falling leaves and relax. When you smile, your whole-being remembers you are well, you are grateful, and you receive what you need from this life at this moment. Smile for you and for anyone who can benefit from this happiness.

Smiling Meditation:
Sit comfortably, become aware of your breath.
Breathe in calm for your body, breathe out…
let a gentle smile bloom on your face.
Breathe in calm for your mind, breathe out… feel your muscles relaxing.
Breathe in calm for your emotions, breathe out….
and enjoy this present moment.
Breathe in happiness to your whole being, breath out…. Your whole being is smiling.

With a smile for you,


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