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Letting Go to Make Space

The system of Reiki has changed me. It has helped me to let go of my judgments and attachments. I am now free to be open to new people and situations. When I first learned Reiki I had many problems with the people in my life. Hopes and fears about how people should behave, and most of all... how I should be treated.

At one point in my life I couldn't even enjoy my own birthday because my expectations for the day completely colored the experience with tension and disappointment. There was a constant striving for perfection often leaving a bitter taste of 'not good enough' lingering in my mind. Slowly as I continued my hands on healing and Reiki meditations, without me even realizing it, I began to let go of old ideas and habits, freeing myself to enjoy my life more.

I no longer felt an emotional charge when the stories of being hurt came up. I was free to see people with fresh eyes. To start to experience each day as it is. Through practicing Reiki my heart was emptied of the pain and there was space for real love to grow. Now I can enjoy people, including myself, for who we all are in the moment. There is a freshness to each day and room for whatever it brings and whomever is present. Grateful to my daily practice of Reiki. It has helped me remember who I am. 

 Love, Maria

Reiki Benefits 

  • Letting go of our worries and anger
  • Uncovering your inner light and inner peace
  • Activating the body’s natural healing abilities
  • Breaking through limitations 
  • Recharging, renewing and reconnecting to your full potential, your true nature

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