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Limited vs. Unlimited Energy

We think of ourselves as a battery. Limited in the amount of energy we can use. We go about our day working and giving. Running our batteries low.   We try to recharge but our worries, stress, and anger are still there so it is hard to relax and rest. The next day we do the same grind. Digging deeper into our reserves. Stress and exhaustion starts to build. We do not have what we need.

The first step to changing this cycle is to see ourselves as we truly are. We are powerhouses of unlimited energy and potential. We are the battery that is always plugged in and recharging. We are far more connected to the world and each other then we could imagine. This means we can never run out of energy! We can be loved, supported, and have clarity in every moment. We can work from a strong foundation of infinite energy. Then every day you can wake up feeling vibrant ready to fully embrace your life.  We have everything that we need. 

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