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This year I have traveled to meet teachers who have inspired me in my life. I wanted to sit with them and practice, experience heart to heart the truth that they are bringing to us. It has been an incredible journey. Everyday there is more gratitude and love in my heart and in the support that I offer to you.

There are many insights and revelations about this journey that I want to share with you. For today I want to share this:  Everyone is talking about the same thing. They may use a different vocabulary or have a unique perspective, but it is all pointing to same thing.  It is simply to be yourself. Nothing else is needed. Already you are perfect whole and complete. We are all one already, never alone, never separate from anyone or anything. Healing is present now.

Who you are is bigger and more amazing than your mind can possibly grasp. Your true nature is LOVE. It is peace, it is what you have been searching for outside of yourself all your life. You are the happiness. Stop searching outside of yourself. IT is already here within you.

STOP what you are doing right now.

Begin again. Recognize it is not time to be small but to accept how great we really are! Recognize all beings are the same as you. We are all made of the same stuff. We all breathe the same air. We all live on this beautiful home, earth. The more we feel this interconnection the easier it is to love.

Holding you all in my heart. Knowing that when I practice it is not just for me but for all.


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