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Open Your Arms Wide

Wise parents do not strive,
Yet their purposes never fail, 
They are available,
but never interfere,
They communicate,
but never lecture. 
They let their children go,
but never lose them. 

These parents are like the Tao.
They open wide their hearts and hands, 
Yet never lose a thing. 


-The Parents Tao Te Ching, by William Martin

Faith, Trust, Open Heart/Mind, painting by Maria Kammerer

 Opening Our Hearts and Minds
Embracing freedom for ourselves and our families.

 Opening our arms wide to fly. That is what trusting yourself and our loved ones feels like. Nothing to protect. Nothing to hide. Only the freedom to be yourself and let others be free. As my children change and grow I can feel myself begin to cling to them. Not wanting things to change or trying fruitlessly to protect them from the world. Wanting them to be a certain way and do what I think is best for their future. 

When we try to control people we create more struggle and cause suffering. Creating drama so that fear, worry and sadness can grow. We become so distracted by our fear and anger that we limit our ability to effect positive change or to help. The moment the struggle arises I know there is a choice to be made. A choice between love and fear. A choice to suffer or to let go. Ask yourself, “Am I acting from a place of unconditional love? If I act from that space of love, what would it look like?” Let your heart and mind open to new possibilities.

We all need to practice standing in our own strength and love.  Allowing everyone to be as they are without judging or labeling. Having faith that we have everything we need within us. Remembering we are supported, we are loved. In this way we can free ourselves and our children from limitations of fear and worry. Allowing trust and faith to grow and creating more space for freedom.

Through this practice I am showing my children by example, how to love and accept the self. Don't wait for freedom. Don't wait to forgive. Don't wait to know that your essence is love. Turn toward the light. Say yes to yourself and your own knowing. You are what the world needs to soar. 

With you in love and gratitude,

Maria Kammerer

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