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Peace Begins in Your Heart

Dear Friends,

The system of Reiki helps you to be steady and grounded in an often stressful world. It is a tool for you to remember your peace and bring more healing to yourself and others. Meditation is one of the pillars of the system of Reiki. It is a tool that supports you in uncovering your inner peace.

Meditation is really the practice of siting with yourself. When was the last time that you sat still doing nothing? There is no perfect way to meditate. Sometimes the mind needs the space for its momentum to run down. Sometimes there is complete stillness, peace. Thoughts arise. Let them be, and they will settle. Then the space between the thoughts becomes bigger. Practice meditation daily to support your growth. Let your actions begin to arise from that place of peace and compassion. So that we can begin to care for each other in a new way. With deep compassion no matter what the conditions are.

Practice daily meditation at least 5-10 minutes a day to build the momentum of peace. Schedule Reiki treatments or meet with me to begin Reiki training and receive the support you need for your healing.



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