We need positive things to focus on. It helps remind us of the good that is in the world and keeps us on a momentum of happiness.

This introduction into the podcast series: Be the light by your host Maria Kammerer. She extends an invitation to listen deeply. To focus on your peace that is always present in you, ending with a guided meditation.

Reiki has been that way of healing for me. Reiki, translated means spiritual energy, it is a system that helps us to let go of anger and worry and uncovers our peace and wholeness. In my direct experience the system of Reiki is a path of transformation – it opens us up to the knowing that in each of us is: true-self, wisdom, light, compassion, and healing. Reiki allows us to heal ourselves, and through each of us, we can be part of healing the world. 

There has been a lot of expansion on this journey. Let us continue to Be the Light for others; and listen to the teachings of current  spiritual leaders and practitioners; expanding and cultivating the power of Healing, Light, and Peace that is our true nature. 

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