A conversation with Zeynep Yilmaz, a teacher of happiness, Reiki, Mindfulness and Yoga. Zeynep is an incredible teacher and organizer who is full of compassion and wisdom that shines for all of us. In this episode, Zeynep shares with us her journey towards happiness and fulfillment. She shares that the ultimate happiness is self Realization and she reverse engineers it. It is a beautiful conversation full of laughter, tools for us to to grow happiness and it ends with a lovely moment of meditation.

Thank you Zeynep for the many gifts of your practice and your willingness to help others. Everyone who comes into contact with you receives a blessing. You can follow Zeynep Premdasi Yilmaz on Facebook or check out some of her teachings at Grace Tree Yoga in Cincinnati. She is teaching the Keys to Happiness, Simplicity and other wonderful offerings.

Grateful to Max Raphael of True Resonance, www.trueresonance.net, for his help with this Podcast and for donating his beautiful music for the intro & outro.

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