A conversation with Sundar Kadayam about the inner journey, the nature of teacher/student relationship, non-duality and so much more. Sundar is an entrepreneur, healer, writer and spiritual teacher. He has trained in the traditional system of Reiki for over 10 years with Frans Stiene. The awakened living and no-dual teachings of the great sage Ramana Maharshi have been a major influence on his spiritual path. Sundar's sharing centers around Self Realization and abiding in one's True Nature.

One of the nuggets of wisdom Sundar shares in this episode, "When your inner journey begins to mature. You find that all the little things that occur in nature become lessons. They become pointers. What are they pointing at? That there is something greater than my little sense of self."

Thank you Sundar for the many gifts of your practice and your willingness to live authentically and shine the light. Grateful to walk with you on this journey.

You can follow Sundar Kadayam on Facebook or check out some of his teachings at Grace Tree Yoga in Cincinnati, where he will be giving talks on Advaita Vedanta.

Grateful to Max Raphael of True Resonance, www.trueresonance.net, for co- producing this Podcast and for donating his beautiful music for the intro & outro.

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