Jeff is the founder of True Freedom Recovery Yoga, one of the world's first teaching programs designed for people in 12-Step Recovery Program. He is a co-founder of a Policy of Caring Inc. and the author of, Unfolding the Lotus: Working the Fourth Step through the Chakra System. He has been practicing meditation, yoga and sharing his gift of teaching freedom in yoga studios, halfway houses, prisons, homeless shelters,12 step conventions, and juvenile detention centers for the past twenty five years.

In this episode, Jeff shares with us his journey of healing through the 12- step process and the system of Yoga. Jeff emphasizes the importance of taking inventory of our lives so that we can be aware of the patterns that are holding us captive. When we shine the light of our awareness into different aspects of ourselves we can be freed.

So grateful to Jeff for sharing his journey of recovery with us, for his love of yoga and his selfless dedication to helping others. To find out more about True Freedom Recovery Yoga, Jeff Emerson and the offerings at his studio check out

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