Brandon Dawson is passionate about the identification and cultivation of teams and talent, and how to find and create meaningful work. He studied Religion, Spirituality and Holistic Studies at the Union Institute & University. Utilizing his twenty plus years in digital marketing, branding, broadcasting, media and organizational leadership he created a bi-weekly podcast, “The Distiller”. Brandon’s podcast focuses on "How we find meaningful work, and how we find meaning in the work we do."

In this episode, Brandon shares with us the meaning that he finds in his own life. How to honor and respect people that you come into contact with and how continue to ask the important questions, "What is the purpose in my life?", "How can I love people in the best way possible?"

So grateful to Brandon for sharing his journey of living a life of kindness and for sharing his light through this conversation and his podcasts. To find out more about Brandon Dawson and the podcast, The Distiller go to or listen on iTunes, Spotify or your local audio player.

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