A conversation with Frans Stiene, co-founder of the International House of Reiki and world authority on Reiki as practitioner, teacher, researcher, and author. His books include Reiki Insights, The Inner Heart of Reiki and many other impact-full titles.

In this episode, we celebrate the joys of being more loving to ourselves and in our communities. We also talk about what it means to have a beginners mind and touch on many aspects of healing as we laugh together. Frans leaves us with a simple practice to help us to be more grounded and centered.

This conversation was recorded May 2019 after a 4 day Reiki retreat in Cincinnati. Grateful to Frans Stiene for his teachings and for his living example of Being Reiki in the world. If you want to find out more about Frans and the International House of Reiki please visit his website at www.IHReiki.com. You can also listen to episode 7 of Be the Light Podcast for an earlier conversation with Frans Stiene.

Grateful to Max Raphael of True Resonance, www.trueresonance.net, for co-producing this Podcast and for donating his beautiful music for the intro & outro.

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