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Reiki – How To Stay In The Flow

You come for a Reiki treatment and you feel so good!! You’ve let go of some baggage and feel released of stress, relaxed, have less pain, more clarity. You’re rested and at peace, grounded, energized.
Now what? How do you keep those feelings? How do you stay in the flow?

“Reiki is your energy. It is a river that washes away any obstruction. Stay in the flow.”

I often use a river as a metaphor to talk about Reiki. Reiki is your energy. Imagine this energy as a wide, strong, smoothly flowing river. In its natural state of well-being, this river, your energy, flows peacefully and with an easy certainly. It receives the flow of tributaries and rainfall effortlessly, and these contributions to the flow only serve to make the river stronger and deeper as it continues its journey.

But, as with life, a river can begin to accumulate things that cause disturbances to the steady flow: storms of anger, debris that causes sadness, logjams of physical pain, and boulders of mental blocks and emotional inertia. These obstructions and actions cause the steady energy of the river to break, bringing turbulence and volatility that creates an unsteady, unpredictable flow.

This redirection of the flow, your energy, makes it hard to be open to receive the wisdom of your life. It is difficult to recover from illness and to manage worry or stress. You lose touch with the beautiful, wide flow of your life force.

So how do you maintain the deep, calm flow that Reiki brings?
After a Reiki treatment, your flow of energy is strong and can keep flowing for a long time. We feel so good, so balanced. But…with time we begin to pick up more worries, troubles, and the challenges of life begin to add up. These block the flow of your river creating again turbulence, eddies, and backflows. Our state of well-being subsides.

A strong meditation practice supports your wellness.

A consistent, personal mediation is the way to self-support your lifestream and extend the calm and peace between your Reiki treatments. Regular hands-on healing treatments guide you back to your natural state of well-being, guiding you back to the awareness of your being, your energy.

With this combination of self-care and Reiki treatments, you can easily maintain your deep, calm, steady, powerful flow of life, wisdom, and energy.

When you practice or receive Reiki, it brings you back home to your wholeness, your beautiful flowing river. Over time your river becomes the ocean; the ocean becomes space – the infinite, never-ending universe of life. Your true self.

With Love and gratitude,


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