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Resiliency, how can we recover from difficult situations?

There is a lot of contrast in the world today. So much anger, stress and worry. Don’t let this stuff overwhelm you. If your weighed down with everything. How can you help make your life better? How can you help others?

Use the contrast of all that is not going well to drive you to find a better way to live. Let it motivate you to find ways to be uplifted, to be softer, and strong in the world. If you are sick of all the anger that you see, take care of any anger that is in you. Use these opportunities to help yourself stay connected to your true nature and to notice and care for your own well-being. Commit to making some changes, to getting the help you need, to sit and remember your peace.

You can not hide or resist what is present. If you do it just drives it deeper within. Instead notice what is calling out for your attention. Where do you carry it? Is it in your shoulders, your belly? Bring your awareness to those areas and breathe for a few moments. Just sit and breathe into those areas. Paying attention to those tight spots helps them to loosen up, to let go and relax. This is a simple way to empty yourself of stress and tension. Then you can be supple, alive and full of gratitude.

We can also pay attention to all the good that is happening all around us. The fact that you are reading this newsletter or interested in healing means that there is already a lot of harmony in your life. There are many good things going on for you right now. Take a moment to acknowledge that, receive it, celebrate it, and be grateful!

Practice relaxation and keep moving forward, then we can continue to recover from our struggles and be resilient in our lives. Stay committed to being peace, healing and love in the world.



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