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Smile you are online

During the last few weeks I have been lucky to be part of many online gatherings, virtual Reiki sessions, and even some online retreats. I feel blessed that to have so many opportunities to connect with people, see my family and friends; continuing to learn and grow.

Many people are feeling online fatigue.

Virtually connecting can take its toll. If we are tired, distracted or have judgments about being on a call or in an online meeting, then that narrows our focus and ability to be nourished by what is happening. Notice when you are feeling overwhelmed or tired. Take breaks when you need it. Find ways to bring some harmony to your screen time.

Do something that is refreshing.

Do some movement or stretching, takes some deep breaths, practice Reiki. If you can, go outside, or open a window, even for a few minutes before or during the call. Do something creative like doodling or knitting can help too. Any creative outlet can be helpful to feel grounded in your body and get your energy moving again.

I have noticed, what I got out of these on-line gatherings was really up to me.

We have to be in the right state of mind in order to be fully engaged and not to feel burnt out. What is the right state of mind? It is an open and peaceful state of mind. When you are open, then your mind is empty and is ready for anything. Make the space for the many possibilities in your life.

Smile some more and remember that it is a privilege to be online.

Not everyone has access to technology or the time or luxury to work from home. There are people who do not have their health or homes or food right now. Take time to feel the gratitude for the many blessings that you have. Make the most of it. Be generous with your presence in everything that you do. Smile and enjoy the time that you have in life and online.







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