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Time to Hibernate, to Sit in Stillness
 Wintertime. Cold, gray wintertime when, in this part of the world, nature slows down. For me, it brings the same need – to slow down and hibernate; to connect with loved ones, cozy, warm and peaceful. It’s the season for me to go deeply inward, to settle in with my true essence. A time to immerse myself in stillness, in quiet allowing time to reflect and restore after a year of good work, laughter, learning my lessons…and loving as much as I can. 

In this stillness, the truth of my spirit can awaken and rise.
I can let it be and make space to just listen. I listen to the wisdom within me; listen to the universe that is always supporting me; listen to the inner calling of my heart. It is a voice sweet and gentle without force or agenda, only a gentle unfolding of who I am. Who we all are.

We are all called to remember our divine spark, our true nature, our purpose on this earth. 
Using the stillness of wintertime, ask yourself, “who am I?”
We are all meant to shine, as children do. 
We were born to make manifest
the glory of God that is within us.” 
Be present, be still, and listen.  “…as we let our own light shine.”  
Who you are is already perfect.  “...we are liberated from our own fear.”  
No need to fix anything, only to remember who you truly are.  “You are a child of God.” 
By taking this time to hibernate, we can restore the self.
We can all rise stronger with clarity, understanding, and compassion. We can be sustainable in our work, in our lives and in helping others.

Reiki means “the energy of who we are.” It is not the energy of who we will become, but the energy of who we are. Right now. It is the seed of the divine in each of us. It is the bright spark waiting to be uncovered, remembered, and nurtured. We are waiting to shine out fully into the world and to flow into our lives and everyone around us. Will we let it?
I practice a life of Reiki so that I can continuously open my heart, my soul, my mind and body to the oneness, the peace, the healing that is always present. To the heart that beats as one. To awareness, consciousness, to the God of my understanding.


What you practice grows stronger. The practice is there for all of us:

  • Practice Reiki and meditation daily to help you to relax and restore yourself. Reiki helps us to connect with our inner light and strength. It supports us so that we can receive the healing that is needed now.
  • Practice Hygge (Hooga), a Danish custom of bringing coziness and comfort to create a happy life. Let your home or office become a haven of peace and a place to rest. How to Hygge your home?  I recommend the book,The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, by Meik Wiking. A few tips from the book, soft lighting, a few candles, turn off your phone, soft blankets, cozy nooks to contemplate or read. When you think is this Hygge? Think comfort, harmony and gratitude.

  • Practice being quiet, still, listening. Take 1-5 minutes of each day to sit still, relax; there is nothing to do. Being yourself is enough.


  • Practice having fun/joy! Your regular rhythm may need some fresh energy. Be deliberate in bringing fun into your day. Bundle up and play in the snow or take a wintery hike in the park with friends or family. Browse with no intention at your favorite store, sign up to learn something new and meet new friends, or dance to your favorite song– and invite your friends and family dance too!

We are meant to fulfill our purpose, to live fully and to love as much as possible.
Shine Bright Dear Ones!


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