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What if this is Heaven?

If this is Heaven would you be acting differently? Think about it. Would you be having more fun? Being kinder to others, more loving? I've been thinking about this question a lot lately, and I feel we are meant to bring Heaven onto earth. 

I want to share this metaphor with you:

You walk into a crowded room with people sitting in a circle around a fire. In the fire is a large pot of delicious soup and each person isholding a very long spoon. The spoons are so long that it’s impossible to feed oneself. Everyone sits in agony, starving, and smelling the soup for eternity. This is Hell.

You walk into the next room which, just like the first room, iscrowded with people sitting in a circle around a fire. In the fire is a large pot of delicious soup and each person is holding a very long spoon. These spoons are also too long to feed oneself, but thisgroup finds them perfect for feeding each other.  Everyone’s hungeris satisfied, and they are content for eternity. This is Heaven.  

What is the difference? It wasn’t the conditions that changed; each group had the same pot of soup and the same long spoons. Whatmattered was the difference in the collective perspective of each group; that alone was what transformed each situation into eitherHeaven or Hell.  

It's our choice. 
What if in our lives we only need a shift in perspective to experienceHeaven instead of Hell? Isn't this what a miracle is? When some idea or someone appears seemingly out of nowhere to lend a helping hand just at the right time? Could you be someone else’s miracle or angel just by changing your perspective?

Can you be the first in the circle to offer a spoonful of kindness or forgiveness? What if you changed your viewpoint from one of apprehension and anger into one of love and compassion? Would you see more miracles? Making this change is not always easy. It takes work to let go of our habits of anxiety, fear, and anger and choose to act out of love and kindness. But the choice is in our power. 

Be the change you want to see. Begin to put the baggage of negativity and suspicion down. Begin to love with a deeper conviction. Show up each day with a different perspective, a perspective of compassion and understanding.  

Because, what if this is Heaven and it’s just your perspective that blinds you to it. 

The Practice: Find ways to bring more love and compassion into everyday life.  

Practice gratitude - What are you grateful for right now? Anytime you are struggling, stop and take the time to list five things you are grateful for. Do this anytime you are feeling down. 

Take care of yourself – Take the time for a Reiki treatment or massage; meditate, exercise, and get plenty of rest. Take time to cultivate a little more peace each day. 

Practice forgiving yourself and others - Start with the small things. When something is making you angry or irritated at the moment, forgive that person or circumstances. How? Say in your mind or write it down, "I forgive you for _____." Remember also to forgive yourself and set yourself free of your past mistakes, " I forgive myself, " or “I forgive myself for  _____." 

Pay Attention – Notice your thoughts. What are you thinking about during the day? A lot of times our minds are on cruise control. Become aware of your thoughts, in the moment. If you are not aware of what you are thinking you can't begin to transform them into positive actions. 



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