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Wishing you a Season filled with Wonder!

When you look at the photo, what can you see in this child's eyes? 
What she is feeling is one of most meaningful things about the holiday season: Wonder!

 She is looking at something that is completely new and therefore has no judgment, no attachment. When we see the pure beauty of something or someone for its own sake, that innocence and purity that resides in every heart can be touched.

 Look again at the world with the eyes of a child and let your heart be filled with wonder of all things beautiful, cozy and bright. See that all things can be new and shining if you just shift your perspective.  

Receive the gift of returning to your wonderful open heart, with a clear mind and relaxed body. Ready to be able to look at the world with freshness, to see that all beings including you, are sacred. 

Ways to increase the Wonder in your heart. 
- Find a photo of yourself as a child and put it by your bedside table. Take time to look at the photo and remember that feeling of being in a world of wonder.

- A few books that I love during this time of year are, Home for Christmas, Stories for young and old, A collection of stories. The Light in the Lantern: Stories for an Advent Calendar, by Georg Dreißig. 
- Check out "This Strange Rock" - A documentary on this amazing earth, told through the eyes of Astronauts and narrated by Will Smith.

- Regular Reiki and/or meditation practice helps you to let go of stress and  stay centered in your true self. Your inner peace, bright light and happiness. 
- Find times to play or goof off. Connect to the child within. What was your favorite thing to do when you were 7-8 years old?  Do that… or craft a holiday card, dance, sing, play air hockey,  drawing with crayons or glue and glitter is always fun. :)  

Many blessings to you and your loved ones!



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